How to ‘Save’ a Short-Trade Stock

The term “short-trade” is a misnomer, as it can refer to any trading tactic that involves short selling a stock in order to drive down its price.

A short-trade involves selling a short position in a stock that has more than doubled in price and is priced out of a long position in the same stock.

In most cases, the short seller is likely to be the stock’s owner, and this may cause the stock to rise in price.

In other words, the owner of a short-traded stock will not have any incentive to sell his stock.

Short-trading, however, can be used to artificially drive down a stock’s price.

Short sellers can use short trades to get a price of $100, for example, when the stock has increased by more than 50 percent in price over a short period of time.

Short traders are known to take advantage of the short-seller’s tendency to sell stock at a profit by buying up more than the price of the stock.

They then sell the shares to short sellers who can profit from the stock rising in price without losing their short positions.

Short sales of stocks can be dangerous because short sellers often have a high level of leverage on their position, making them very unlikely to realize their losses.

Short selling is often done to manipulate the market for a specific stock.

If a stock has an upside or a downside, the market will react by moving in that direction.

The short seller, however

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