Which of these stocks are the hottest right now?

The next couple of days have brought a whole new set of stock exchanges to life and the excitement has not died down yet.

Here’s a look at which stocks are up right now and which are down.1.

Intel, up $2.5bn in 12 hours (via Business Insider)Intel has become a major player in the chip and server market thanks to its highly efficient chips, and its $13bn acquisition of Altera earlier this year.

The deal is expected to boost Intel’s revenue by $1.7bn this year, and it will boost the chipmaker’s share price by around $4bn.

The acquisition, which was announced in March, was a major factor in Intel’s stock price rising by more than 200%.2.

Intel Corp. shares up over 5% (via Reuters)Intel shares have surged by more, up 5.4% in the past 12 hours.

The stock is up more than 2.6% in 2017.

That’s good news for Intel’s future earnings, which are forecast to be slightly lower this year due to the stock’s low price.3.

Google, up 1.8% (Via Reuters)Google’s shares rose over 1% in premarket trading after the company announced that it was buying Twitter.

The search giant is set to become the biggest online media company in the world, with Google News a major part of its strategy.4.

Microsoft, up 0.9% (Bloomberg)Microsoft is set for a major earnings rebound, as the software giant announced that CEO Satya Nadella will step down in January.

The company is set in its sights for $12bn in new revenue, and analysts expect Microsoft to record $2bn in quarterly earnings.5.

Facebook Inc., up $1bn in less than a day (via Bloomberg)Facebook shares surged more than 1% after Facebook announced it would buy WhatsApp, the messaging service that has been popular among young people.

The social media company is in the process of integrating Messenger with Facebook’s News Feed.6.

Amazon.com Inc., down $5.6bn in 24 hours (Via CNBC)Amazon is still in the midst of a major buyout spree that includes the sale of Whole Foods to Amazon, the purchase of Netflix by Amazon and the acquisition of a controlling stake in Uber by Google.

The $13.6 billion purchase of the Seattle-based grocery store chain would be the biggest in Amazon’s history.7.

Coca-Cola, down 0.6%, (via CNBC)Coca-Cola shares fell more than 4% after the world’s largest soft drink maker announced its plan to buy a controlling share of the beverage company, which would mark the first time Coca- Cola has ever taken on a major share in a company.8.

Facebook shares, down 4.3% (by CNBC)Facebook is also in the throes of a massive buyout.

The online social network announced that its board of directors will choose CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the company’s new CEO in January and the news caused its stock price to plummet.

The purchase price was around $14bn, but it’s unclear how the sale would affect the company.9.

Facebook, up 2.7% (Business Insider)Facebook’s stock rose 2.5% after it announced its acquisition of Instagram, and Facebook stock rose another 1.6%.10.

Netflix, up 3.3%, (Business News)Netflix shares rose more than 3% after Netflix said it would be selling its stake in Hulu to Netflix for $7bn, a move that would make it the largest pay-TV provider in the U.S. Netflix shares fell another 2.3%.11.

Apple, up 4.5%, (Via Bloomberg)Apple stock rose over 3% on Wednesday after the iPhone maker announced that the iPhone 6 would be outsold by the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 6 is Apple’s best-selling iPhone ever, and the new iPhone 6 Plus is up to 6% more expensive than the iPhone 5s.12.

Microsoft Corp., up 2% (Reuters)Microsoft shares have soared by more in the last 24 hours after the software company announced it will buy Nokia for $8.9bn.

Microsoft will become the largest software maker in the globe with its acquisitions of Nokia and Microsoft Research.13.

eBay, up 8.1% (Nasdaq)It’s been a rough few weeks for the online marketplace for online auction items, with several of its stock listings dropping by as much as 8% in just the past 24 hours.

eBay’s stock has risen more than 10% since last week, and has already surged nearly 10% in a week.14.

Walmart, up 16.3%; (Bloomberg Business)Walmart shares have risen more in 24-hours than they have in any day since they closed their previous record high of $100.2bn on February 14.15. Starbucks

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