What do you need to know about climate change?

NEPES, N.Y. — The Great Lakes are warming, but the lakes are also getting more acidic.

Scientists say they’re getting more of the corrosive water from the Great Lakes that washes into the Atlantic Ocean.

The pH is up in the Great Lake watershed, and scientists think that the Great Basin’s acidic environment makes the lake more susceptible to acid rain.

And the Great Rivers, which flow through the region, are getting more polluted.

But there are some signs that the problem is getting worse.

In April, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued new regulations for the Great Northern Lakes, the Great Atlantic and Great Lakes.

The rules call for a higher water-quality standard for those waters.

The EPA says the higher standards will prevent toxic pollutants from leaching into the rivers and lakebeds.

The rule, issued last week, also requires that the chemicals used to treat the Great River watersheds be made more environmentally friendly.

The new standards are part of a broader effort to protect the Great lakes and other Great Lakes watersheds from acidification, and a plan to spend $20 billion over 10 years to improve them.

But experts say the rules are not enough to stop acidification.

And there are other factors that can cause the Great Lanes to get more acidic, such as the warmer winters, according to a report by the New York City Department of Environmental Conservation released Thursday.

It’s not clear how the acidification is happening in the watersheds.

But scientists say that’s a possibility.

“These are all potential problems,” said John Henshaw, a professor of geology at the University of Michigan.

The Great Basin is home to a number of species, including brown trout and the rare, endangered Atlantic salmon.

But the Great Great Lakes have also seen a lot of change over the years.

In the 1950s, the lakes were home to about 50,000 fish, mostly smallmouth bass.

By the 1970s, they were mostly full of blue and white bass, which are now being wiped out.

But in recent decades, the northern Great Lakes area has seen an influx of white bass and blue and green trout, the fish that were once abundant.

The fish populations have also started to expand.

“It’s been a lot more selective and a lot less dense in the northern part of the basin,” Hensaw said.

“So I think we’re seeing a more rapid increase in population in the areas around the Greatlake watersheds.”

Some scientists say it’s important to look at what’s happening in other parts of the Great Plains.

In western Montana, for example, researchers are looking at how changing temperatures in the region have changed the chemistry of the lakes.

Some scientists are saying that a change in the pH in the water could be a cause of the lake’s acidification and that the lake should be protected.

“The Great Lakes basin has been experiencing an increase in pH levels since the 1950’s,” said Daniel Kranz, a researcher with the U of M’s Center for Geology.

“This is happening at a faster rate than we’d expected.

This is a sign of something deeper in the climate system.”

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