Nasdaq trading halted after trading halved, says analyst

Trading halts on Nasdaq as the company looks to cut costs.

The trading halving followed on a record trading day that saw the stock hit record highs, and saw the Nasdaq move to a trading halt.

The stock has been losing market share to the stock index, which has been trading above the 200 mark for some time. 

Nasdaq trading has halved since February, and traders are now being asked to buy on the trading halves.

“We have seen some great trading on the halving and that’s helped drive some market activity,” said David Kishore, head of corporate trading at Kishor Capital.

“So there’s been a little bit of positive movement on the market.” 

 Nasacontinued trading halvings have also resulted in the Dow Jones index falling in some markets. 

 On Tuesday, the Dow closed down 5.4%, while the S&P 500 ended up 1.9%.

The Nasdaq was trading near its record high on Tuesday. 

“We had a record-breaking day.

We’ve had a very good year and we’re excited about what’s to come,” said Jeff Bewkes, president and chief executive of Nasdaq.

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