What is a Trading Post?

Trading posts are an item that can be used to purchase items from other players.

It is important to note that trading posts are not needed to complete quests, but rather to obtain the rewards of completing them.

Trading posts require the same type of currency as regular items, but they will not be sold in shops and cannot be traded in.

Trading Posts can be purchased for a set amount of gold, and the amount of coins required is based on the amount traded.

There are also certain trade routes, which will reward specific items.

For example, certain trade paths will award higher experience and the chance to receive a quest reward.

There is also a chance of receiving a rare item from the trading post that can drop only on certain days.

Trading Post items can also be used for the following purposes: Quest rewards, Crafting materials, and crafting recipes.

Items that drop from trading posts can be bought at shops for a limited amount of money.

Crafting materials are obtained from trading post items.

Crafting recipes are found in crafting queues.

Crafting queues are used for certain types of quests, and may also reward specific materials.

The more common the crafting recipe, the higher the chance of obtaining it.

Trade posts cannot be used as an alternative to other items in the game.

Players can purchase items directly from other player-owned houses, which have an associated shop, and can also buy items from NPCs for the same price.

Trading post items can be sold for cash, or purchased for gold with currency.

Trading point items can only be purchased in a trading post.

Trading points can be exchanged for specific items at a certain trading post, or at a specified point in the trading points’ trading zone.

Trading Points are an additional currency that is required for trading post purchases.

The amount of currency required to purchase a specific item depends on the type of item and is based upon the amount that a trading point has been purchased with.

The maximum amount of trade points can increase in certain locations.

The quantity of trade point items that can purchase a single item varies by item type.

Trading Point item price, and trade point amount at a single location.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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