HFX Trading Halloween Event: “Trading on the HFX Platform”

HFX, a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform, is holding its trading hallowseen event this Saturday, November 19th, 2017 in a special trading room in the Hfx Exchange.

The event will feature live trading for several cryptocurrency pairs including the HEX, ETH, and POT tokens.

This is the first time HFX has held a trading hallowed event and is being held in a new location.

The event will begin at 11:00am Pacific time and will continue until midnight Pacific time.

HFX CEO Mark Karpeles said the trading hallOWeen will showcase the Hx platform, which aims to democratize trading for cryptocurrency tokens.

Mark Karpenes, CEO of HFX and the HX Exchange said: “HFX’s trading hall is the perfect place for the Hex Exchange to show off our platform and the world’s first blockchain trading platform.

We have worked closely with our community and are excited to see the world rally around HFX.”

During the trading event, trading pairs are shown live with a special countdown timer.

The countdown timer will go down once the first trades have been made, at which point the countdown will continue for the next hour.

HEX will also announce the winners of each trade.

The HEX Exchange will also be holding a special event on November 22nd, with trading pair announcements, live demos, and more.

The HFX platform has been in the news recently as many exchanges have seen a surge in trading volume.

In the past, the exchange has experienced a large influx of new trades from new crypto trading pairs.

As the HEx Exchange matures, HFX will continue to focus on bringing the Hox platform to new users.HFX is not the only cryptocurrency exchange to hold a trading event this year.

The Ethereum exchange has held trading hall events before, but this is the only HEX exchange to be holding such a large trading hall.

The first HEX trading hall was held on November 17, and HEX has held several other large trading halls since then.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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